Control Retrofits, Custom PLC Programming, & Emergency Service

Efficiency in Controls & Automation

Legacy controls systems operating under the mindset of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” are leaving huge strides in production and profitability behind. In today’s COVID-19 and high safety conscious environment, manufacturing processes of the future are focusing on automation & minimizing human touch points.

If tight budgets, preventative maintenance, and high efficiency expectations are part of the “New Norm” in your manufacturing setting, let us help you decrease your downtime and increase your bottom line with a new control system to your existing equipment.

Automation Integration

  • Robotic Design
  • Parts Handling
  • Automated Servo Adjustments
  • Conveyor Systems & Sequencing
  • Power System Monitoring
  • Vision Systems

Allen-Bradley PLC Control Systems

  • PLC Processors (single & dual processors)
  • Local & Remote I/O (ethernet & wireless)
  • Discrete, Analogue, Thermocouple, Vibration
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controllers

    • Speed Control
    • Soft Start & Speed Ramp Control
  • Servo Motors & Controllers
  • Precise Positioning & Motion Profile
  • Ability to Electronically Gear with Another Axis

Encoders: Rotary & Linear

  • Rotary Encoders to indicate the main shaft position
  • Linear Encoders accurate to 0.0002″

Safety Devices

  • Custom Guarding
  • Light Curtains
  • Guard Interlock Switches
  • Stop Buttons & Cable Pull Switches

Tonnage Monitoring

  • Strain Gauges used in tension or compression
  • Multiple Strain Gauges used to compensate for flexing