Our Commitment to Quality as FAMCO

Our mission as FAMCO Service & Machine is to increase customer uptime by supplying, servicing, rebuilding, and manufacturing of heavy equipment and components. This is accomplished through a comprehensive quality management system for the design, manufacture and rebuilding of components for all industries we serve.

FAMCO has established a corporate office in Pittsburgh, PA and provides services across the United States. The corporate organization provides support to the other facilities through centralized quality policy deployment, internal audits, information technology, human resources, LEAN implementation and tool/property administration. The corporate office also provides support to the management team at each facility in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, and Quality.

FAMCO Service & Machine’s integration of corporate and production facilities provides the foundation for deploying standard processes and procedures across the enterprise. Standard quality system processes and corporate involvement with production facilities are key factors in FAMCO Service & Machine’s quality system structure. This structure is supported by a thorough quality council for quality policy deployment and best practice identification and implementation.

FAMCO Service & Machine Quality Mission

Increase customer uptime by supplying, servicing, rebuilding, and manufacturing heavy equipment and components through our quality-controlled environment.