Local Attention, Relationships, Trust & Capabilities

Custom Parts Manufacturing

FAMCO Service & Machine offers a combination of CNC and manual machining centers to provide the most efficient blend of precision, quality and cost-savings to our customers. We utilize modern manufacturing practices, such as LEAN manufacturing, to help produce the most reliable, cost-effective products possible.

Emergency Repair Services

FAMCO operates a fleet of customized mobile machine shop trucks manned by our highly-skilled equipment repair technicians. Our ability to provide one-stop-shop service means your project always remains with FAMCO from start to finish. Whether it’s repairing a crosshead for a recycling shear, inspecting and test-operating a drilling rig top drive or rebuilding an aggregate crusher, FAMCO can provide the right amount of customer support that helps make sure you remain up and running, minimizing expensive downtime.

Expert Field Services

FAMCO’s Field Service Team consists of highly trained machinists, welders, and mechanics who are qualified to work on most industrial equipment. Our industry-respected, highly skilled field technicians arrive at your job site with the experience, equipment, and professionalism to get the job done right

Press Manufacturing & Rebuilding

FAMCO offers a wide range of press and upsetter repair and manufacturing services, including extensive capabilities and experience in rebuilding, repairing, and upgrading powdered metal and industrial press equipment. In addition, FAMCO manufactures presses to any specification or design.

Capabilities include:
  • Press Inspections
  • New Press Manufacturing
  • Expertise in both Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses
  • Press and Upsetter Rebuilds
  • Hydraulics Capabilities

  • Press Upgrades
  • Emergency and Spare Parts Inventory and Service
  • Control and Feeder Upgrades
  • Our repair facilities include everything needed for even the heaviest and largest repairs
FAMCO’s 14,000 square foot heavy parts repair center offers:
  • 50 feet of ceiling height
  • 75′ x 185′ bay
  • Separate wash bay
  • Two press pits (12 feet)
  • 480 volt, 3 phase AC & 220 volt DC power
  • Cranes ranging in size from ½ ton to 75 tons

Inspection Services

FAMCO understands the importance of keeping our customers running at optimal efficiency. To do this, rather than focusing on reducing downtime, we are focused on maximizing uptime. We do this with our Industry Experts Technicians performing inspection services to predict and monitor common wear parts and items, enabling FAMCO to schedule repairs not when the equipment breaks down, but in a manner to work around production’s schedule and keep you running. FAMCO’s Industry Focused tenured technicians coupled with the latest technology enables us to keep your plant operating.